Only those who risk going too far, can possibly find out how far one can go.

T.S. Elliot


My name is Nida Ahmad. I was born in the beautiful state of Colorado but lived abroad in Saudi Arabia. My Ethnicity is Asian American but I consider myself a citizen of the world and another well-known term – Third Culture Kid (TCK). A great thing about being a TCK is being able to recognize a space which exists between the culture I am from and the culture I am living in.

I was flying before I was crawling, taking risks and traveling to quench my thirst for the unknown. My desire to explore new cultures wasn’t the only thing but understanding people and looking for connections. Those connections were the tool for mutual understanding. My goal is not to change others to be like a particular person or act like another person but inspire others to better themselves. 

I wanted to use my passion for sports and fitness and women empowerment to create a space for cross cultural communication. Being a diverse individual and knowing that we all have our unique backgrounds I wanted to focus on that but create connections so we can learn from each other and empower each other. 

The color of your skin, language, religion shouldn’t matter, what should matter is motivating each other and not through crazy transformations but simply recognizing someone’s hard work and dedication which can be enough to ignite a fire to strive to be better at the same time to build a community.