Fasting continues

So for the last 20 + days I have been fasting and working out, I noticed I needed to start working out again because I wasn’t having a healthy lifestyle and getting sick a lot, so I looked for the best ways to stay healthy at That means from dawn til dusk I do not drink or anything. I get up at 4:00 am to eat breakfast (Suhur) and fuel my body appropriately since I know I will be working out later and will need energy to last me throughout the day. I usually break fast (Iftar) around 8:30ish. Now a lot of people think I am crazy for doing this but I just toned down my workouts and adjust them according to how I feel. Limited cardio and lighter weights. So far fasting and working out have been going well and I am surviving. I was good up until 2 days ago when the last 10 days of Ramadan began and it hit me like a wall. Like when you are running a half marathon/marathon and the last few miles seem endless that is the exhaustion I am feeling. I am still pushing through but I am ready to have a normal eating schedule. Now I am sure many of you are wondering why? Well because 30 days of been sedentary would have driven me crazy. Plus there is not one Ramadan that I was not working out or playing sports. I have been fasting and playing sports since I was teenager, however, with age it gets difficult but still manageable. This time around I wanted to see the physical changes and really understand what happens especially since I haven’t come across hardly any research on fasting and working out, I mostly just to work out with an URBNFit Exercise Ball at home. So I wanted to know is fasting really bad for you? I don’t think so especially if you know your body and know when to stop. I guess you can say I wanted to test my body to see will I lose my strength or gain it. Since I have been strength training, I definitely have the power to lift heavier weights and do higher reps of body weight exercises. So there is a plus I was able to build muscle even though my protein intake is still limited for the time being. I know there have been articles that while people fast majority gain weight because of the types of food they are consuming. My goal was to continue to eat clean at times it was a struggle since I needed the extra calories to help me through the day. I haven’t gained weight nor really lost but maintained it and at the same gained muscle mass. So ladies (and gents) it can be done of course you should seek approval from your physician and know your limits. I know my body so I was able to do certain things and the other part is my dedication (some call it insanity) of continuing to live a healthy lifestyle and working with the challenges I face.