She is absolutely amazing! The video says it all. She found a lot of information about health from Its just a simple step of wanting to change and that is what she did. Also she learned most of her information about health, benefits of having good posture, breathing exercises, having a quality mattress, fitness routines, eating healthy off the internet. She even found and used this – coupon code to get a good mattress for her back and posture, so you don’t necessarily have to spend a ton of money to make change your lifestyle.

She was overweight back in 2008 but decided to change this year. Yes it took her almost 10 years to start training and change her lifestyle but is not that easy for everyone. She was hesitant at first, she even thought about quit because eating healthy and exercise for someone who has never done it, is really hard. Now after a lot of work and exercise and of course eating healthy, her health is incredible and she is in amazing shape.